Uninterrupted power is crucial in today's data centers. You need real-time, comprehensive visibility to your energy usage to make fast, informed decisions to ensure peak performance and business continuity. Full​ understanding of your power system design and dependencies is essential to maximize resources, minimize waste and improve compliance. With solid baseline across resources and standardized reports, you can make more accurate capacity forecasts and deployment plans.

Comprehensive View
Gain a comprehensive view of power resources and utilization for easier management of data center power system.
Have complete awareness of the active power path and the status of all devices in the power chain using a dynamic maintainable one-line diagram.
System Dependencies
Determine dependencies within the power system.
Understand interdependencies among devices using configured connections to plan for power changes and maintenance and perform risk assessments.
PUE Reporting
Improve PUE reporting, which is often time-consuming and inaccurate.
Standardize PUE reporting to save time and increase efficiency. Use current and historical trends to make more accurate capacity forecasts and deployment plans.
Energy Cost
Lower energy cost without sacrificing availability.
Use real-time energy information to adjust operation loads on equipment, maintain service level agreements and ensure availability.

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