Capacity costs money which the business has many options to choice from where to invest. As a data center professional, it is imperative that you optimize capacity and can demonstrate that to the business if you wish the business to invest in further capacity. Data centers facing problems with capacity constraints, such as power availability, space, asset utilization and thermal management, need accurate and up-to-date information. You need to know exactly what you have, so you can maximize your resources.

Asset Placement
Reduce errors and rework with intelligent asset placement.
Use accurate and up-to-date information to maximize data center resources. Maintain a list of all assets/devices and use an actual floor layout model.
Current Capacity
Know where capacity exists and if existing resources can meet the needs of the data center.
Track device details such as faceplate values and location. View dashboards with drill-down capability.
Cost Reduction
Eliminate stranded capacity and prevent overspending on unneeded assets. Identify opportunities to consolidate.
​Accurately track power, space and cooling capacities. Employ search tools that uncover available capacity.
Expansion Projects
Find out whether the existing infrastructure can support anticipated growth and when additional resources are needed.
Using a central device inventory, plan device placement for future projects including location and capacity (power and space).

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