Premise: Innovation has revolutionized the data center industry, solving the key challenges of efficiency, scalability and security in a way that has allowed businesses to continue to use information technology to create competitive advantage.

Continued innovation has allowed IT to solve challenges of efficiency and scalability while driving value for the business. Nano technologies have extended Moore’s Law far beyond the point where anyone thought it could go, enabling the enterprise “innovation centers” that businesses now use to analyze and act on Zetabytes of data daily. These software-based centers draw their computing capacity out of the cloud, replicating the functionality of a 10,000 square foot data center 10 years earlier with one percent of the power consumption.

The public and private clouds that support the growing number of innovation centers have advanced in similar ways. Renewable energy now provides up to 50 percent of the power consumed by facilities supporting cloud computing. A new wave of “consolidation” in which mega facilities continually reconfigure to use less of the available space, is made possible by improvements in processor efficiency, further reducing energy costs. Servers are designed for a 10-year life with automated, component-level updates enabling performance improvements on a 9-18 month refresh cycle. These systems can also tolerate environmental extremes that would fry older servers, opening new frontiers in data center development: the first orbiting data center was just launched by one of the leading cloud services providers.

"In 11 years from now we will get approx. 2% higher power efficiency in power conversion from grid-to-load, that’s it:

The big difference will still be the amount of data processing improvements measured in MIPS/kW consumed.

SW optimization will also be a path to efficiency improvements, driven by SW-houses internal need to conceptually keeping their SW builds ‘bug-free’, rather than a philanthropic desire to save the World."
- An Emerson Network Power Employee


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