A final report, Data Center 2​025: Exploring the Possibilities summarizes the findings of the initiative to identify the industry’s vision of the data center in the year 2025. The results range from the expected – increased utilization of the cloud – to the ambitious – largely solar-powered data centers with power densities exceeding 50 kW per rack. One thing was clear: Most experts believe the data center as we know it will undergo massive changes over the next decade.

The year 2025, eleven years from the writing of this report, represents a horizon that is close enough to project how current trends could play out – the data centers being commissioned today will be at the halfway points in their projected lifecycle in 2025 – and yet far enough away that there is still opportunity to shape what the future will look like.

As you review the Data Center 2025 findings, you may be struck by the optimism of the participants in some areas. From use of renewable energy to power density to sophisticated management tools, participants set a high bar for the future. In some cases their projections are so optimistic they seem almost impossible when compared to the current state.


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