Avocent Data Center Planner Software Downloads

Software downloads are .ZIP files which must be extracted before use.

Avocent Data Center Planner software provides a system of record for all of the physical infrastructure equipment, power consumption and device connections in your data center.

With SP12 release Avocent Data Center Planner makes it easier than ever to test drive highlighted features and functions of the software for 60 days. Download the latest release of software and immediately get a 10 rack license that includes a preconfigured set of racks to quickly evaluate the software.


Please register for an account prior to downloading the software:

  1. Select Register from the top right of the Software Downloads table below
  2. Complete all required fields and accept terms and conditions.
  3. Select Create Account. An Activation Code will be emailed to the email address specified in the account creation process.
  4. Enter the Activation Code on the portal page to activate your account.

To download the software:

  1. Login with your account credentials.
  2. Download Release Notes and the software.

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