IBM AIX for RISC System/6000 Release Notes
Network Shutdown Software for Your UPS

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IBM-AIX Download Instructions/Requirements

  1. Read the operating requirements for this software:
    • IBM AIX for RISC System/6000
    • At least 20 MB of free disk space (during installation, the /tmp directory must have at least 30MB free)
    • Common Desktop Environment (X Window System)
    • A mouse
    • TCP/IP network protocol
    • Log on to the host as root. You may need to add "execute" mode to the saved file (chmod +x ML_15_xxx_AIX_PPC.bin).
  2. Extract the *.bin file from the GNU zip file to a location of your choice and begin the install process
  3. If you intend to connect your Liebert UPS to a serial port on the computer on which MultiLink will be installed, you will need to make or purchase a custom cable for the software to work. ORDINARY SERIAL CABLES WILL NOT WORK! Some UPS models ship with a MultiLink cable. Please refer to the APPENDIX B of the Liebert MultiLink 1.5, Nform Shutdown Client; User Manual (R06/04) (SL-53620) for detailed instruction on "Making Your Own MultiLink UPS Cable" from parts available at most electronics parts stores.

If you decide to purchase a cable instead of building one, you can contact your local Liebert Representative, Value-Added Reseller, or distributor and ask to purchase a MultiLink UPS cable.

Cable for Serial Port Connections

Part No.Description
MLADPT Multilink Contact Closure Adapter Kit

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