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Leverage the extensive experience and functionality of Vertiv Operations Management Solutions for your data centers.

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Complete Facility Management

  • Real-time Notification & Alarms
  • Automated, custom reporting
  • Ensure SLAs

Complete Facilities Management with basic IT Management

Vertiv™ Environet provides a full toolset for facilities management along with some basic IT asset management capabilities (like space management). It is known for its real-time alarm management, powerful report engine and interactive, graphical interface.

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Manage IT All

  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Impact Analysis & Forecasting

Comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

Trellis™ Enterprise is a true data center infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution that includes all the features of Environet in addition to comprehensive IT asset management and a full toolset for capacity planning.

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Visibility into your data center is often not as easy as it should be. Understanding device health, receiving immediate notifications, knowing space capacity, collecting accurate data and reporting key data to management are crucial to effective data center management. Performing all these tasks manually is time consuming, tedious, requires several resources and increases the risk of human error.


  • Vendor neutral
  • On-premise, Web-accessible software
  • Over a decade in the market
  • Expertise service at every step

Our products help you:

  • Mitigate downtime risks
  • Improve efficiency
  • Do more with less
  • Provide proactive monitoring
  • Make decisions fast
  • Increase visibility to previous, active and potential events
  • Have confidence in data accuracy
  • Manage many devices through a single interface
  • "There is so much flexibility in the product’s ability to store data, warn and alarm. These features allow us to perform trend analysis and be proactive rather than reactive."
  • “We decreased six CRAC unit’s run time by approximately 20%— an annual savings of over $23,000.”
  • “Environet is very scalable. Now we have a single pane of glass for remote locations and we can expand at our own pace."
  • “I estimate the reduced risk of unplanned downtime due to real time data and alerts from Trellis Enterprise will save over $1 million in costs in the coming year.”
  • “I have been able to reallocate the savings from implementing Trellis Enterprise to upgrade power and cooling equipment for future expansion.”
  • “I calculated a 45% reduction in operational costs from automating the process of logging power capacity readings.”


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