Alber Stationary Battery Monitors

Alber stationary battery monitors allows for continuous status of a battery's state of health so that you're alerted 24/7 of any abnormal conditions.

ACS Serial Consoles


The Avocent ACS serial consoles build on Avocent’s renowned enterprise class data center products to provide in-band and out-of-band serial access to remotely manage IT devices anywhere in the world. Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), automatic pin-out detection, and robust security add to the management capabilities of the ACS product family. Environmental monitoring capability, IoT integration, and remote networking capabilities make the ACS ideal for edge locations, enterprise data centers, and hyperscale/colo facilities.

Avocent Serial Consoles Provide a Single-Point of Access to Critical System Data

What does remote access do?
What is the value to the customer?
Remotely manage and administer devises/applications Efficient provisioning and operation of devices
Troubleshoot device issues remotely Faster recovery time
Reduce unexpected operating cost (OPEX)
Reduces physical access to devices Prevents unauthorized user access to devices
Prevents inadvertent shutdown
Prevents power overload/unbalanced loads
Assign and manage user access to devices Prevents unathorized system changes



Operating Systems

  • Yochto project-based Linux


  • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • In-band (ethernet) and out-of-band (dial-up/cellular modem) support
  • Built-in v.92 analog modem
  • Optional external 4G/LTE cellular router


  • Automatic ethernet or cellular failover using second GbE port for failover
  • Support for multiple-routing tables
  • External AC/DC ethernet support
  • USB support


  • Preset security profiles: secure, moderate, and open
  • Custom security profiles
  • IPSec support with third-party certificates
  • X.509 SSH certificate support
  • SSHv1 and SSHv2
  • Local, RADIUS, TACACS+, LDA/AD authentication
  • Two-factor authentication (RSA SecurID®)
  • One-time password (OTP)



  • Secure in-band and out-of-band network remote management
  • Fast, automated configuration with ZTP
  • Access and troubleshoot remote locations using automatic network failover to cellular (and failback)
  • Automatic pin-out detection for both Cyclades™ and Cisco pin-outs using straight through cables
  • Compliance with data center access and security policies: customizable, multimple access levels
  • Support for rack PDUs from Vertiv, ServerTech, APC, Raritan, and Eaton
  • Support for Vertiv GXT4™ UPS systems
  • IPv6 an dIPv4 support for new network deployments
  • Support for Avocent DSView™ management software
  • Strong dial-up and secure dial-back using optional built-in modem
  • Console event logging and notification, including "last gasp" capture
  • Regulatory compliance and easy troubleshooting: online and offline data logging with time stamps
  • 4 USB ports to support new IT equipment and external devices
  • Environmental sensor port to connect temperature, humidity, differential pressure, leak, door pin sensors (up to 8 can be daisy-chained)

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