Put Your Data Center On Cruise Control

Liebert iCOM Autotuning

Everyone knows how speeding, rapid acceleration and frequent braking wastes fuel and increases automotive wear and tear. The same thing happens when your data center’s cooling systems over-respond to changes in load, outdoor temperature, equipment configurations and other conditions. Whether it’s a DX compressor short cycling because of low load, or a chilled water system “hunting” for the right valve position, these irregular changes waste energy, increase system wear and produce inconsistent temperatures across the data center. The new Liebert iCOM Autotuning control fixes this problem. Watch the video to see how.


Liebert iCOM Autotuning is a fast and cost-effective way to:

  • Remove human error in tuning your cooling systems
  • Ensure stability and consistency of supply air temperature across your data center
  • Improve cooling system efficiency by up to 15 percent
  • Extend system life

Featuring machine learning and self-optimizing algorithms, Liebert iCOM Autotuning replaces your system’s wild fluctuations with steady, high-efficiency performance.

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