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Comprehensive critical infrastructure support to help you cost-effectively manage data center dynamics

How We Help You

Working with a service team that has capabilities across your entire infrastructure streamlines vendor management and business transactions for savings in time and money. Plus, developing this partnership allows us to have a deeper understanding of your data center performance, and business goals and objectives. Ultimately, this collaborative relationship enables scalable solutions designed to help you get the best efficiency and highest ROI out of your critical infrastructure

Data-Driven Insight for Maximum Availability

When it comes to keeping your data center running smoothly and maximizing availability, experience and resources matter. Having a service partner with deep domain expertise and local knowledge, combined with a defined process for data collection and analysis, gives you unmatched system insight for better critical infrastructure management.


  • Serve 70% of Fortune 500 companies
  • Keep more than 100,000 customer sites connected
  • Data collected from more than 400,000 pieces of equipment
  • 99.9% success rate in meeting service level agreements
  • Deliver more than 200,000 hours of technical training each year
  • Average response to a customer event is 1.7 hours and
  • 97.4% of the time a customer’s critical load is brought back online within 24 hours

Service-Enabled Savings

Developing a service strategy is essential for avoiding disruptive downtime. Business disruption represents the most expensive cost associated with an average data center outage. Conversely, engaging a service partner for incident resolution represents the least expensive cost. However, the benefits of working with a service partner go beyond cost avoidance to infrastructure optimization that helps you uncover operational savings and other bottom-line benefits.     

Assess and Optimize Electrical System

Commission and Recommission

Improve Thermal Management

Maintain Emergency Power Systems

Support Where and When You Need It

We understand that your ability to do business means that the mission critical technologies in all your data centers need to work. And when you need help, you need it now. Fortunately, a world of experience follows us to every job and we have service presence in virtually every major country across the globe. It’s this global network of experts that ensures you have the right people with the right service solution no matter where your IT expands.


Manuf. and assembly locations 13

Service Centers 80+

Service Field Engineers 965+

Technical Support/Response 145+

Customer Experience Centers/Labs 5


Manuf. and assembly locations 1

Service Centers 15+

Service Field Engineers 535+

Technical Support/Response 100+

Customer Experience Centers/Labs 2


Manuf. and assembly locations 9

Service Centers 60+

Service Field Engineers 535+

Technical Support/Response 100+

Customer Experience Centers/Labs 4


Manuf. and assembly locations 5

Service Centers 95+

Service Field Engineers 945+

Technical Support/Response 75+

Customer Experience Centers/Labs 3

World Wide Service

Service Centers 255+

Service Field Engineers 3135+

Technical Support/Response 415+


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