Webcast: Greater Thermal Protection and Efficiency for Small Business-Critical Spaces (on demand recording available)

November 03, 2016

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Greater Thermal Protection and Efficiency for Small Business-Critical Spaces
November 03, 2016
United States

Many IT professionals rely on computer rooms or small spaces for increasingly business-critical applications, such as branch office operations, telecom, cloud computing and medical diagnostics. Cooling infrastructures for these spaces must deliver high levels of protection, efficiency, capacity and flexibility. However, these demands are not being met by the building air conditioning systems or other precision cooling systems commonly used in these smaller environments.

Join us on Nov. 3, during our Emerson Network Power Critical Advantage Webcast, as Bob Spengler, Thermal Applications Manager for Small Systems, Emerson Network Power, discusses how new technologies can resolve the challenges of cooling small critical spaces.

During this webcast, Bob will describe how the new Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW thermal management systems combine technologies not found in systems of similar capacity to provide the most dynamic thermal management solutions for small offices, medical diagnostic rooms and IT environments.

Bob will discuss the key challenges in managing small space thermal environments and important considerations for selecting cooling solutions. You'll also see how the new Emerson solutions can:

  • Offer higher reliability and protection than existing systems
  • Deliver higher energy efficiency and meet new government efficiency regulations
  • Scale cooling capacity to meet variable IT loads and growth
  • Provide visibility and better control over the thermal environment


  • Bob Spengler, thermal applications manager for small systems, Emerson Network Power

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