Guard Against Cyber Intrusion at the Desktop

Secure desktop KVM switches protect desktop access to reduce risk and abide by privacy and security regulations. These switches are essential whether you are running limited IT resources or a department in a large company since your desktop computer or device is a potential point of entry into your network. Laptops, PCs, smart phones, and tablets can be catalysts for malicious attack or intellectual property theft.

These secure KVM switches provide strong and effective security management designed to tightly control system and network access and prevent unauthorized access by peripheral devices. They comply with the requirements of the latest NIAP protection profile for peripheral sharing devices version 3.0.

Secure desktop KVM switches are cost effective without compromising on performance. You can easily share a system among multiple employees, capture information from different types of peripherals and provide access to multiple systems through a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse (KVM).

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Cybex SC 300 Series Secure Desktop KVM Switches

The Avocent SwitchView™ SC 300 KVM switch series offers proven, secure access for any environment where security is mandatory and expanded USB support is required. The SC 300 series is NIAP validated to EAL4+ and allows for multiple le...

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