Secure Data Is a Key Element In the Fight Against Terrorism

Cyber security…yawn!

It’s almost becoming a daily news item of what institution/high profile politician/bank or even Jennifer Lawrence’s iPhone have had data compromised. The public have become largely indifferent to the concept and accept it as a risk of modern life, no more than having your video recorder stolen in the 1980’s by the local thief who spied it in your house.

However, institutions charged with border protection, protecting the welfare and lives of its citizens and military intelligence agencies are far from jaundiced in their interest in the topic.

Obama’s $14bn

Before leaving office, Barack Obama included $14bn for cyber security in the 2016 budget, and still US federal agencies struggle with cyber security. Whether it's phishing, unpatched software, socially engineered trojans or any of the other techniques of cyber terrorists, the weakest link in any organisation is the ability of that hacker, once inside, to be able to roam undetected through the network.

Access denied

To mitigate this risk, what most of these organisations now deploy is what is known as a ‘Secure Switch’ to separate main network access from classified network access. This means that the user has to physically select through the switch which network to use. With the assurance that even if there is a breach in the main network, the hacker cannot ‘jump’ across into the classified network and compromise data.

It's certified

Vertiv’s Secure Desktop Switch with patented “Always-on active anti-tampering system” means that Hardware-based peripheral isolation loads all firmware on ROM with no keyboard buffering or memory.

Governments, Police, Army, Financial Institutions, Healthcare are all vigilant to help protect their reputation. Vertiv’s Switch View Secure helps these organisations protect theirs. 


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