Convert DC Voltages to Load Requirements of your Telecom Equipment

DC-DC converter systems convert DC voltages to the required load to power different telecommunications equipment. They are NEBS certified and UL recognized. Their modular design provides system redundancy and easy expansion of operating capacity in small increments.

They include compact and cost-effective converters for +24 VDC applications requiring –48 VDC output. These systems provide converter minor and major alarms, fuse/CB alarms and current limiting. They have over-voltage and over-temperature protection, load sharing for parallel operation and emergency power off. They have easily accessible input and output connections for simplified installation and test points for output voltage and current measurement.

Some converters with 400V DC input convert 400V DC power to -48V DC, providing the flexibility to use existing -48V DC equipment with copper reducing 400V DC distribution. 

There are converters with hot insertion capability which allows system expansion without disruption. They also have isolated input to output feature.

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