Integrated DSLAM and Cross Connect Solution

Cross connect cabinets allow for termination of and cross-connections between cabling elements. These enclosures provide a wide array of functionalities that meet your business and budget requirements. Integrating systems such as putting DSLAM and cross connect chambers in a single enclosure reduce deployment cost and simplify transition to digital services.

These are integrated interface systems that include housings, terminal fields, and cables to provide interface between feeder and distribution cables.

Some enclosures integrate a protective, ventilated compartment for weather-hardened DSLAM electronics with a weather-sealed compartment for cross connect fields in a single enclosure. They can either be configured as aerial enclosures with a cross-connect capacity range of 200 to 900 pairs or as pad-mount types that can range from 400 to 1200 pairs.

Some units allow upgrade of active DSL network and increase the termination capability for an existing cross connect cabinet without disrupting service or circuit downtime, reducing installation expense and labor costs.

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