Rising energy costs, increasing power demand and mainstream adoption of renewable energy sources are all driving acceptance of new power architectures, such as 400V DC, that enable more efficient networks and businesses.

With recent advances in power conversion technologies and rapidly increasing DC-based equipment growth, 400V DC power distribution is a compelling option to consider.

Using DC power equipment to feed and backup electronic equipment eliminates AC-DC conversion stages, which saves energy, reduces heat input in the room and requires less components. With fewer components that could fail, site reliability improves while TCO is reduced.

400V DC is suitable for several applications with varying drivers for each:

  • Telecom - Significant copper savings for telecom central offices
  • Data Center - Reduced power chain complexity delivers high availability and efficiency
  • Commercial Buildings - Local, renewable energy sources integrate easily in a 400 VDC microgrid

Vertiv 400V DC Solutions

Vertiv has developed a new line of AC to DC Power Systems with output up to 400V DC to address emerging applications in telecommunications, datacenters and commercial buildings. NetSure 400V DC power systems are built with proven topologies including modular, hot-swappable 15kW rectifiers that achieve greater than 97% peak efficiency, providing a low cost​ of operation on top of exceptional NetSure reliability.

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