Liebert® EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System:
Setting Records for Thermal Performance
Colocation and cloud hosting data center managers are seeking cooling solutions that help them save money, reduce risks and make it easier to manage their facilities. With the Liebert® EFC 400kW system, Vertiv™ has taken freecooling innovation to the highest level, setting new records for cooling performance.
  • Teamwork algorithms to coordinate operation of multiple units for maximum efficiency and protection
  • Self-healing control routines to avoid reaching dangerous thresholds
  • Cost saving advanced control algorithms that automatically selects the best combination of water and electricity usage based on input costs
  • Independent control of capacity and temperature for optimal annual effciency
  • Air leakage less than 0.1%, greatly reducing need for extra capacity for makeup air
  • Up to 85% effective heat transfer in dry mode for less annual water consumption
  • Mechanical PUE as low as 1.03
  • Cooling to within 3 degree of wet bulb temperature to maximize economization hours and minimize or eliminate the need for mechanical refrigeration


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