Vertiv Selected as Modular Landing Station Provider for West Africa Cable System (WACS)

The Customer

Headquartered in South Africa, MTN Group is a multinational mobile telecommunications company with a vast network throughout the Middle East and Africa serving over 230 million subscribers. In support of the focus on data, MTN has invested a total of USD 90 million in the subsea West Africa Cable System (WACS).

The Challenge

The ultra high capacity West Africa Cable System (WACS) submarine cable runs along the coast of Africa, linking South Africa, the Ivory Coast, Europe and the United Kingdom. This 17,200 Km long fiber optic cable was built by MTN along with a consortium of 16 leading international telecom carriers. 15 cable landing stations along the route provide these carriers access to an extensive terrestrial fiber network. The WACS 4-fiber pair cable system is a milestone project for the continent’s internet connectivity, enabling high-speed internet access throughout Africa.

The Solution 

MTN Group selected Vertiv as a modular cable landing station provider in the WACS project for Lagos (Nigeria) and Accra (Ghana) to deliver an energy center and supporting equipment rooms to each location.

Case Summary

Capacity: 14.5T Bits/Sec; 4 Fiber pair

Technology Supplier: Alcatel Lucent

Vertiv Solutions:

  • Two cable landing stations equipped with NetSure® DC power, Liebert® climate system, AC system with AMF panel, 4 hour battery backup, fire suppression and remote supervision

  • Five prefabricated equipment rooms with factory mounted subracks for seamless on-site installation


  • On time delivery of two energy centers and five equipment rooms with superb resiliency and high quality within 6-month time frame

  • Built to withstand rough marine conditions and corrosive atmosphere

  • Rapidly deployed tailor made solution to the specific cable equipment requirements of WACS and land equipment requirements of MTN Group


Download the Case Study (PDF)

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