Remote Monitoring and Liebert EXM UPS from Vertiv Protect Shenandoah County’s Emergency Communications


The Shenandoah County Department of Emergency Communications (DEC) serves as the Public Safety Answering Point for all 911 emergency requests for assistance in the Northern Virginia area. The Communications Center is staffed with 16 full-time and several part-time Public Safety personnel who provide both Basic 911 and Enhanced 911 (E911) support. E911 provides more specific location information on the whereabouts of a wireless caller by using latitude and longitude coordinates to speed accurate response.​


  • Reduced the risk of losing service, increased system availability.
  • Improved uptime, even during system maintenance.
  • Established dependable battery run time for reliable safety buffer.
  • Reduced chance of human-error with improved UPS interface control.
  • Enhanced local and remote monitoring and network connectivity.
Case Summary

​Woodstock, Virginia

Vertiv Solutions:
Critical Needs:

Jason Malloy, Director of Emergency Communications,  states “We began to experience degrading power backup and less reliable UPS performance, which is unacceptable to our mission.” In addition to outdated components, the previous non-Liebert power system was not provisioned with a proper power maintenance bypass to allow servicing without disrupting the ECC systems. “We knew it was time to take action before we put the county at risk”, says Malloy.”

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