The Customer

Cinia Group Ltd. is the leading network operator in Finland, providing a broad range of intelligent connectivity and ICT solutions as well as a 10,000 km fiber optic terrestial trunk network.

The Challenge

C-Lion is a high-capacity submarine fiber optic cable that runs under the Baltic Sea, connecting Helsinki, Finland to Rostock, Germany. At 1172 Km in length, C-Lion is the shortest, most secure connection from Finland to the rest of Europe, offering a new high-capacity network connection between eastern and western Europe.

The Solution

Cinia selected Vertiv as its partner based on the quality and rapid deploymentof dual cable landing stations Vertiv built for the West Africa Cable System (WACS) project. For C-Lion, Cinia needed a single integrated power and cooling module equipped with two diesel generators at both ends of the cable.

Case Summary

Capacity: 144 Tbit/s; 8 fiber pairs offering 18Tbit/s per fiber pair

Technology Supplier: Alcatel Lucent

Vertiv Solutions:


  • Simultaneous deployment to Germany and Finland in 3-month time frame

  • Vertiv’s expert project management team successfully adhered to aggressive schedule

  • Customized solution to meet local standards in Germany and Finland

  • Designed and built to withstand corrosive marine atmosphere

  • Met challenges of exacting specifications dictated by existing site infrastructure



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