The Changing Face of Your Workforce and IT Operations

Patrick Quirk •

Look out across your data center floor and IT office space – what do you see?

No doubt there is a vast difference in what you find today versus 10 or 20 years ago – for many reasons. Beyond workforce age shifts, you probably see more technology running data center and IT functions. More people are working on mobile devices, or managing remote environments without even stepping foot in them. Some of the skills your new employees have are different too. While many younger employees are more tech-savvy, you may see a decline in trained, skilled mechanical and electrical staff to run the data center facility.

At the upcoming Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations, Management and Data Center Conference, we’ll be discussing the cause of workforce and operations changes and why companies cannot afford to ignore them. But more importantly, we’ll be sharing our view on how technology advancements can help your business with these transitions.  In particular, we’ll talk about what artificial intelligence and machine learning are doing and why these are the technology trends data center directors need to pay attention to.    

Until then, share on Twitter or Facebook some of the changes you’ve seen in your workforce, and include #VertivRobot. Be sure to stop by booth #231, December 4-7, to hear what we’re working on, and to enter for a chance to get your own robot kit. If you can’t attend the Gartner event, join us on December 12th for a Data Center Knowledge webcast on this topic. Either way, come with us to the future of data center management. 


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