MWC2018: If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough (Mario Andretti)

Jon Abbott •

I’m a seasoned visitor to MWC and this year the explosive change in the air is palpable. GE’s CEO of Business Innovation Sue Siegel presented today the idea “The pace of business transformation will NEVER be as slow as it is today”. Wow! This year will trigger the start of the telecommunications revolution. The path is set, preparations have been underway for some time, readying the networks for what will be, the 4th Industrial revolution. What’s next is on all the attendee’s cerebra?

There isn’t a side to our private or professional lives that won’t be touched by the time these changes reach full momentum.  To understand the scale of the change, we need to understand what the impact will be, which over the past few days has been well described; intelligent connectivity will transform our definitions of Transport, Healthcare, Education, Money, Utilities, Homes and Entertainment.

The opportunity is vast for literally every sector of society, which is why hundreds of exhibitors here at MWC are showcasing how their innovations and expertise can help businesses leverage and prosper.  The acceleration of digital transformation in business will drive economic value and investment towards the networks.

Before we get too dizzy with anticipation, the relevant to call out the second strong message I picked up on by nearly all presenters and exhibitors, and that is collaboration. So diverse is the impact of the revolution, the need for partnering and sharing of information is essential to realizing its full potential. Revolution = Collaboration = Automation….and that’s what the 4th Industrial Revolution is…Automation!

Now where did I put my charger? 

Vertiv is exhibiting at MWC2018

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