Helping You Sell More, Faster

The Demo Product Program is a great way to provide your customers with hands-on demonstration of solutions and greatly improve your chances of solving their problems while increasing your success.

The intent of the Demo Product Program is to provide partners with products for use in their labs, technical support and/or demonstration rooms to aid in customer sales. Vertiv will sell demonstration products to partners at a 60% discount and the demonstration products will be the property of the partner and may not be resold or returned to Emerson Network Power for credit.

Program Rules:

  • One unit from each product family line per partner at 60% off per year.
  • Demo products may be purchased during one-year period beginning January 1 and ending December 31.
  • No stacking incentives, promotions or discounts.
  • All demo products must be shipped to partner’s office/warehouse.
  • Standard and expedited freight charges are the responsibility of the partner. Freight terms and charges for demo products ordered through distribution are based upon the distributor’s policies.

Interested in using your Co-op funds to pay for your demonstration unit? Follow these steps:

  1. Request the demo unit desired and receive approval
  2. Make your co-op request for funds to apply to the demonstration unit (balance to be paid after the 60% off of list price is applied)
  3. Place an order for demonstration unit at 60% off of list and note on the invoice: “Demo Product Program”
  4. Pay for the procured product
  5. Submit the proof of payment in the co-op system by ‘claiming'.

Payment, reimbursement, will be made within 45 days after the claim is approved by partner marketing.


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