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January 06, 2017
Mumbai, India

"CIO CHOICE" is a very powerful tool for organizations in the Information & Communications Technology space to promote and market their products, services and solutions.

This B2B platform is uniquely positioned to recognize and honor products, services and solutions on the back of stated preferences of CIOs and ICT decision makers and to help marketers create a positive brand positioning for their products, services and/ or solutions by being the CIOs preferred choice.

Large ICT products enjoy the CIOs mind recollect, however, there are several scores of products, which, actually are the backbone of the ICT economy, but are rarely exposed to media or CIOs glare. They are the unsung Champions and represent those products, services and/ or solutions, which work relentlessly towards developing a resilient ICT nation.

With a heightened and collective interest in them, CIO CHOICE believes that it can provide a tremendous platform and service by identifying those innovative ICT vendors along with the established large ICT vendors who have maintained the highest standards of product integrity and brand development.

Obviously, winners are not necessarily the highest selling products, but those that have worked hard to win the CIOs trust and hence, the recommendation.

We create the "BRAND" visibility and platform for ICT vendors for their products, services or solutions.

The process for the "CIO CHOICE" recognition is conducted via an independent advisory panel of imminent CIOs and an independent survey from across the country with CIOs and ICT decision makers.

KPMG is the official "Knowledge Partner" for CIO CHOICE 2017. This alliance brings about a robust framework to the CIO CHOICE voting and selection process and overall value proposition given the expertise that KPMG brings along through its vast and diversified experience.

"CIO Choice" Honor & Recognition Title Logo attached on product, services and/ or solutions is a must have for ICT vendors because:

  1. It offers immediate Identity Assurance to your customer.
  2. CIO Choice title logo removes a major barrier to a successful sale agreement: the lack of ability to verify the trust between a vendor and its customer.
  3. CIO Choice title delivers trust, confidence and existing CIO mindshare to your customers.
  4. It helps achieve what is currently unavailable - a B2B platform environment in, which customers are assured they are dealing with vendor organizations vetted and recognized by the CIO community.
  5. Compliments and supports Sales Acceleration on the back of high visibility.

The Recognition and Honor Title "CIO CHOICE 2017" will be conferred upon as part of the RED CARPET Evening & Dinner scheduled in January 2017 in Mumbai. This event will have a gathering of 300+ CIOs and Senior ICT Decision Makers thereby giving you connect and opportunity to interact with them.

Entitlement for products, services and/ or solutions that will be recognized as CIO CHOICE 2017 (Participation does not guarantee Recognition)

  • Felicitate and Honor your product, service and/ or solution at the Gala Recognition Night in front of a CIO level audience (300+)
  • Logo Branding at the Gala Recognition Night.
  • 2 event passes for your staff at the Gala Recognition Night. (For each category)
  • One dedicated page on the CIO CHOICE website of your product and brand for the year 2017 (micro site)
  • Posting of a 90 second video of your key management personnel on your product, service and/ or solution on our CIO CHOICE website for a period of one year (Video to be provided by the vendor – can be changed every quarter) and a feature on our digital magazine -
  • Media attention and press release post recognition on
  • 1 EDM blast to the CIO community every quarter, highlighting your winning product as "CIO CHOICE 2017" as per category.



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