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3 Tips in Simplifying IT Deployment in Edge Locations

We know the advantages of edge of network devices – by moving compute and storage away from the core data center and closer to the customers, latency is reduced and computing becomes faster.

But where exactly is the edge? For many organizations, the “edge” can either be a network closet or a remote location that is smaller in floor size compared to the main data center. With this comes a new set of challenges. How can you help your customers optimize their edge IT? In this issue, we’ve identified three simple tips.

Tip 1: Pitch a solution that offers factory Integration

Because edge locations are typically small in floor area, your customer would want a solution that is compact yet powerful and highly efficient. Offering an integrated solution such as the SmartCabinet™ or SmartRow™ would be the best approach.

These solutions are fully integrated, allowing for faster deployment, improved performance and better physical security. Vertiv’s Smart Solutions portfolio can be preconfigured according to your customer’s exact requirements, saving time and hassle with its fully integrated and plug-and-play features. 

Tip 2: Remote access and visibility

Having remote access and visibility is critical and will allow your customers to save valuable time and resources in managing edge of network devices or remote IT. Whenever a problem occurs at the edge, your customer would not want to always be rolling a truck or calling someone onsite whenever there’s an issue. Continuous monitoring and remote management will allow them to respond to any issues faster, more efficiently and with less hassle. 

Vertiv has a number of software and hardware solutions that allow your customers to solve their visibility problem:

Tip 3: Lifecycle support & services

Once your customer has the solution they require for their edge of network device, the key is to have lifecycle support and services to keep their device up and running and performing at optimal levels at all times. Let your customer work with you and your local Vertiv expert to assess their needs, figure out the best solution and provide them with the best support for their remote IT or edge of network locations. 

Lifecycle support services such as 24 x 7 remote monitoring, rapid incident response and scheduled maintenance programs would also free up your customers’ time and give them the peace of mind in managing their remote IT infrastructure.

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