The page you're viewing is for French (Canada) region.


The page you're viewing is for French (Canada) region.


Ensemble, nous bâtissons un monde où toutes les technologies stratégiques fonctionnent en permanence. Vertiv est un leader mondial de la conception, la fabrication et la maintenance de technologies d’infrastructure essentielles pour la protection vos systèmes stratégiques d'alimentation et de gestion.

Programs to Help You Succeed

  • At Vertiv, we strive to create the perfect environment for you to build on your talents.
  • Our competency-based talent management system will help you to realize your full potential. We integrate learning and development programs, which are internally designed and realized at our Academy, with opportunities to learn and grow by taking on new projects or roles.
  • In the dynamic and demanding business environment in which we operate, we believe in learning programs being part of a long-term strategy. We offer a wide range of technical training programs for you to excel as a specialist in your field as well as a complete set of personal development opportunities.

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