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Hard-and Software-Tools for Remote Management and Optimized Data Center Planning

Enable IT administrators to access any IT device, anywhere at anytime to manage, diagnose and fix issues - regardless if your network is down. The benefit to you: less costs due to eliminated travel to problem locations. Speed of resuming business continuity. Both physical and virtual IT can be easily managed with our remote management suite which can be consolidated to give you one overall picture of all your IT infrastructure assets throught a software tool.


  • Faster repair time thereby keeping your business open
  • Eliminate needless travel to any to any facility with IT
  • Reduce overhead staff
  • Consolidated view of all IT facilities to reduce administrative time

Where it is needed:

  • Data Centre
  • Computer rooms
  • Small server rooms in remote locaion and chain-shops

Data Center Management and Capacity Planning

An intelligent software tool to support your growth! 

Your business is constantly growing and changing. Ensure also your IT supports this change and keeps up with the growth!

'Knowledge is power' - Today more than ever.

To be agile to changing demands you need a single pane of glass to document, visualize, manage current and plan future capacity in your data centre(s). Visibility of what IT devices you have, where they are doing, what power they consume, heat they generate and cabling they require enables you to rapidly make decisions with confidence.

You need to know at any time:

  • What equipment you have?
  • Where is it located?
  • What is it doing?
  • How much power it consumes?
  • What cooling it requires?
  • How is it connected?
  • What is the infrastructure(space, power,weight and networking)capacity right now ?
  • How will the capacity chane in three months

Understanding what you have, enables you to plan & deploy with speed & accuracy. Enabling IT business to react quickly avoids downtime and gives you the power to optimize your IT to current and future needs.

Where it is needed:

  • In Data Center(s) and for remote and distributed IT infrastructures, in chain stores and edge enviromments.

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