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Today with fruitful results we usher in the promising 2017. On behalf of the Emerson Network Power China team, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the friends who have supported and helped Emerson Network Power for the past year. We sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and a happy family.


Looking back at the 2016, core markets such as communications, data center, industrial and Internet of Things continue to grow rapidly, driven by advanced technologies such as cloud computing, large data and artificial intelligence, and the areas of applications and the regions are expanding. With our deep background in the industry, we seize opportunities, focus on the general strategy, simplify our management and actively respond to the needs of customer. As a result, we've achieved the desired growth target, expanded the application of our products and solutions and had sound growth in the various markets we play in.


In the coming new year we plan to carry out the transition from Emerson Network Power to Vertiv and we will officially launch Vertiv China in the middle of the year, ushering in a new era of development. We invite you to work with us to create a beautiful new age where critical technologies always work.


Vertiv China will have an unparalleled core advantage, as it is able to leverage global resources to ensure that the most advanced technology is introduced into local products and business processes. This is also combined with Vertiv China's strong strength in R & D, manufacturing and service. Vertiv China shall make continuous investment in technological innovation and we have over 30 service offices with more than 1200 professional customer engineers to serve you and your business. In the future, Vertiv China will develop its business at a faster pace, show more efficiency in market decision-making, in responses to market and customer demand, and maximally unleash the potential value while grasping market opportunities and improving operation efficiency.


Looking forward to 2017, it will be the first year that the company opens a new chapter. We will vigorously promote Vertiv China to get to a new height of development. Vertiv China will continue to be customer-centric and focused on the demand. It will keep innovating and help resolve customer's critical issues with high quality products, solutions and services while maximally enhancing the customer value. At the same time we will attract more partners to join us as we further adjust, optimize our market strategy and channel system, empower the channels and improve channels' comprehensive strength and potential.


At the start of our new chapter, each one of us shall work together with our partners to fulfill our responsibilities to develop the company and create a bright future through being customer-centric, taking ownership and being conscientious, being united and working as a team.


At last once again I wish you happy and healthy in the new year!



Stephen Liang

President, Asia Pacific


Jan 1st 2017