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Vertiv AC Power UPS offering for Transportation

April 20, 2018

In addition to making sure that your passengers enjoy travelling within your transportation network, you also have to consider the costs and time involved in achieving that goal. That is why the following uninterruptible power supplies can help you reduce maintenance complexity for your critical infrastructure and reduce the OpEx of your UPS system.

But let’s see how exactly are these goals achieved. Well, the dual rectifier of the Liebert 80 – eXL TR UPS is compatible with both traditional and catenary sources, which will optimize the necessary trackside maintenance.

Furthermore, employee safety is one of the top priorities for any company, which is why with the Liebert NXC UPS, an extremely silent and EN 50171 (emergency lighting) certified UPS product, you can enhance the signaling and crossing of your infrastructure.

After ensuring that your employees are operating safely and that you achieved that with a minimum cost, it would be a good idea to consider enhancing the performance and efficiency of the UPS system that keeps your business running. That’s exactly the purpose of the Liebert EXL S1 uninterruptible power supply, which will give you peak performance and efficiency levels, in a compact footprint and in almost complete silence.

Last, but not least, you must’ve thought of expanding your business, which usually means scaling up the IT infrastructure that supports it. And, for all the critical systems to be permanently available, the Liebert ITA and Liebert APM UPS products are here to ensure the hot-scalability, modularity and a next level of redundancy, in a compact and smooth rack tower design.

All we think about is that your mission is critical and the above-mentioned transportation UPS systems are just a part of the solutions that can help you grow and ensure that your services will be unsurpassed. 

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