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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

Fast Detection of Potentially Hazardous Conditions

Leak detection systems provide immediate warning and precision location, allowing you to find and correct a leak before moisture can damage computers, wiring connections or other sensitive electronics in computer rooms, telecommunications centers and other facilities.

These include two-channel systems, sensors and cables that are used to detect leaks from Glycol, condenser water and chilled water cooling piping, humidification feed water piping, condensate pumps and drains, unit and ceiling auxiliary drip pans and overhead piping.

Some systems can monitor leaks below the floor, above the ceiling or at the room perimeter in critical facilities. Some use up to 100 feet of flexible moisture sensing cable to provide protection for hard-to-reach spots and sensitive areas. After a leak is corrected, cable systems shed liquid promptly to return to normal conditions.

These leak detection systems are quick to install and easy to use while offering protection to sensitive equipment and difficult to reach areas.

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