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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

Room Cooling Systems for Large IT Spaces

Large room cooling systems are designed to offer higher efficiency using advanced thermal controls in large IT areas. These systems provide flexible and reliable direct expansion system using modular designs, multiple compressor options and easy service access.

They have a thermal management system to maximize free-cooling hours, minimize energy consumption, provide diagnostics and integrate to data center management systems. This management solution is scalable, ensuring the data center receives the right amount of cooling year-round, and also accommodating changing data center loads and future growth.

Some large room cooling systems use pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers seeking sustainable solutions. They offer up to 50 % higher efficiency compared to other systems and do not use water.

Some cooling systems deploy chilled water and use less white space. They utilize optimized coil design that maximizes capacity and efficiency even at increasing water temperatures.

Vertiv large room cooling systems provide high efficiency and advanced thermal controls to fit your current environment and future growth.

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