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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

Increase Visibility and Control of Cooling Systems

Environmental monitoring systems manage cooling units to improve visibility and control. They include accurate and reliable systems for leak detection and remote monitoring in computer rooms, telecommunications centers and other facilities with sensitive electronic equipment.

Leak detection systems promptly identify and report leaks before they become issues. There are two-channel leak detection systems that monitor different areas. Some monitor leaks under a raised floor. Some systems use up to 100 feet of flexible moisture-sensing cable to provide protection for hard-to-reach spots and sensitive equipment.

They are used to detect leaks from Glycol, condenser water and chilled water cooling piping, humidification feed water piping, condensate pumps and drains, unit and ceiling auxiliary drip pans and overhead piping.

Remote monitoring systems are autonomous microprocessor-controlled modules that provide supervision and control of your data center infrastructure. They offer real-time monitoring and allow data to be integrated to centralized facility management.

These environmental monitoring systems enhance protection, maintenance and efficiency.

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