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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

Improve Monitoring and Control of your Equipment

Communication cards provide web-based monitoring and control of UPS and environmental systems. They manage a wide array of operating parameters, alarms and notifications by transmitting important data over the network.

They ensure higher availability and lower total cost of ownership with continuous data protection and immediate notifications. Through increased visibility and control, you can make quick equipment assessment and corrective action.

They enable automated shutdown and centralized monitoring for Liebert solutions, as well as web cards for remote communications. They offer multiple communications protocols so you can manage various support systems. These cards are user-installable and hot-swappable, which allow faster installation by on-site personnel.

Some communication cards have SNMP, Telnet and web-management capability while others enable Trellis, LIFE, Liebert Nform, web access and third-party customer protocols.

Communication cards improve monitoring and control of your critical equipment with flexible system configurations and automated notifications.

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