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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

How you measure return on investment (ROI) will, of course, depend on the goals and objectives you have set for your DCIM initiative. Quantifying the overall value takes some time and effort, but there are tools to help you. Learn more about our ROI calculator.

The following guidelines will help you establish ways to measure DCIM’s value to your organization:

  • System Availability
    With visibility into the power load to identify and eliminate hot spots, how many hours of additional availability have you gained?
  • Energy Efficiency
    How much have you decreased power consumption per year with visibility into the power requirements and usage?
  • Capacity Planning and Management
    With the ability to accurately plan power and cooling requirements, what are the savings in delayed equipment purchases and/or building a new data center? In addition, with tools that make capacity planning easier and faster, how much time per day is your staff saving on this task?
  • Remote Data Center Access
    With remote management of multiple data centers from a central location, how many hours per day are saved since staff members no longer need to “walk the floor”? How many staff positions have been eliminated/postponed?
  • Equipment Adds, Moves, Changes, Decommissions
    With the ability to model proposed changes and streamline the workflow process, what are the productivity savings?

System Availability
  • Up to 20 hours per year increased availability US$1.2 million in value over 3 years
Remote Access
  • Remote access to 3 data centers saves >5 hours per day
  • Almost US$39,000 saved per year
  • New data center built with nearly US$95,000 savings in time and expenses
Capacity Planning and Management
  • Saves 45 minutes per day for data center layout and planning
  • Estimated US$11,000 per year savings in productivity
  • Delayed construction of a new data center
  • Estimated savings of US$42,500 in delayed loan payments
Streamlined Processes and Team Communications
  • US$18,000 per year estimated productivity savings
Equipment Moves/Changes
  • Estimated productivity savings of US,000 per year

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