Assess project feasibility and optimize protection systems

To ensure your renewable projects deliver on expected power quality, reliability and availability, power system engineering services assess the technical feasibility of your distributed energy projects.  Qualified engineers perform studies on relay and protection, grounding, load monitoring, arc flash hazards and short circuits to avoid potential service interruptions.

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Protect your integrated renewable project investments and deliver on efficiency, reliability and availability

A renewable project involves many points of integration that can fail causing reduced power reliability and availability.  Evaluation and upgrades of your protection and controls equipment and related settings ensure your electrical systems function properly to protect your people and renewable project assets should a fault occur.    

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Ensure the safe and reliable operation of your equipment

Acceptance testing ensures the electrical components of your renewable project are properly interconnected and function as designed.  NETA-certified technicians perform acceptance testing of switchgear, inverters, and transformers to ensure they protect interconnected equipment and meet required regulations.

Regular maintenance helps identify areas of concern so they can be addressed proactively before an unexpected outage or injury occurs.  These services improve equipment performance and life, increase your power reliability, and protect your systems and people

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Minimize risks with well-designed safety and compliance programs

Risk mitigation on renewable projects is a challenge for project owners, installers, and operators alike. This service portfolio offers program management services, safety assessments, arc flash solutions, NERC and code compliance services to design and execute safety and compliance programs to reduce overall risk and protect your workforce and business. These services enable you to regularly test and evaluate the health of your electrical systems to prevent them from failing at a critical time thus reducing your risk.

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Ensure safe and reliable UPS and battery system performance

These services ensure optimal performance of your UPS and battery systems to deliver power reliability and flexibility.  Performing battery preventive maintenance and replacement protects your key renewable energy project assets.

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Deliver project success and peace of mind

Whether it is a critical piece of equipment or an entire electrical system, commissioning services provide the peace of mind that your renewable project will deliver on your performance expectations. Through the commissioning process, issues and concerns are identified and resolved earlier in the project so peak performance can be achieved.

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  • Leader in staffing Level 3 & 4 NETA-Certified technicians
  • ISN approved vendor
  • Experience with renewable energy projects across industries
  • National coverage and service centers
  • Deep infrastructure expertise across entire electrical system from generation and transmission to distribution infrastructure
  • Superior safety ratings, safe work practices, and award winning safety programs
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  • Longevity of qualified technical resources
  • Participate and lead standards development including NFPA, IEEE, and NETA

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