Assess your compliance with the latest NERC standards

Achieving compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) requirements takes knowledge of the complex and ever-changing regulations. Start with our initial compliance assessment. Our engineering team is available to help you evaluate your compliance utilizing one of our assessment tools developed to quickly provide you with the information you need to understand your compliance status.

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Let Vertiv engineers help you determine your compliance needs.

Evaluation of your infrastructure involves on-site data collection and analysis by our highly-trained and experienced engineers. During this evaluation paramount to developing an accurate engineering specification, they will ensure that the right data is collected to perform the proper computer modeling and analysis of your electrical system. Upon completion of the analysis, a comprehensive report will be provided with detailed recommendations and possible corrective actions required for achieving compliance.

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Configure your relays for maximum system protection while fully adhering to applicable NERC requirements

Vertiv's protection and control engineers can help determine the best configurable relay settings and logic to provide maximum system protection, advanced functionality, and compliance with NERC requirements. Our engineers will take time to fully understand and define your system's requirements, such as how the protection system should respond in the event of a fault, how protective relays should communicate with other systems, and what functions, in addition to protection, the relays should perform.

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Upgrade or replace obsolete relays to ensure compliance with latest NERC requirements

Achieving compliance with the latest NERC requirements may require you to retrofit, upgrade, or replace the existing relays with protective relays capable of providing the appropriate protection, while maintaining system stability during disturbance events. We can provide turnkey relay replacement solutions for these unique situations, including engineering, procurement, installation, testing, startup and commissioning.

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Develop accurate and up-to-date engineering drawings and documentation

Vertiv engineers can help modify existing CAD drawings or create new drawings such as one-line diagrams, control schematics, wiring drawings, panel elevations and more. We have the applied installation experience and a quality process to ensure the creation of accurate and precise diagrams and schematics of your existing or newly updated system.

Ensure ongoing compliance and the reliable operation of your critical protection system.

NERC regulations require utilities and similar facilities to implement an ongoing, systematic program to test, maintain, and document the performance of protection scheme devices that impact the Bulk Electric System (BES). Our NETA-certified field technicians are uniquely qualified to perform system level testing on active protection schemes to ensure compliance and optimum system performance, efficiency and safety.

  • Deep expertise across all NERC regulatory standards and updates
  • Compliance assessment, gap analysis, on-site data collection, and comprehensive documentation
  • Engineer designed assessment tools, to determine your current level of compliance with applicable requirements
  • Reporting capabilities with recommended improvements and/or corrective actions

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