ALJP2016 Product Line Contract Website for Liebert

Bidder Demographic

Liebert Corporation
1050 Dearborn Drive
Columbus, OH 43229

Bidder Contact Information

Robert Silkowitz
Emerson Network Power
44611 Guilford Drive, Suite 180
Ashburn, VA 20147 USA
Telephone: +1 703 726 4008

Liebert Response to ALJP2016 ITB

ALJP2016 Product Price List
Liebert Service Brochure

Product Warranties

Liebert DCF Optimized Rack System
Liebert Single-Phase UPS, Power Strip and Micropod
Liebert APS UPS, 5-20kVA

ALJP2016 Product Line: LIEBERT

ISO Certification:

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate No. CERT-08932-2006-AQ-HOU-ANAB, ISO 9001:2008
Liebert E-Verify

Product Line Product Offering and Base Pricing Source

It is the policy of Liebert Corporation that the source documents for our base/list pricing are considered proprietary and confidential. These are not accessible via URL/web links. We will be providing these documents as part of our response to the ITB. We will provide these documents on a monthly basis to the ALJP Administrator and as required by LEA organizations for the purpose of audit and verification of our Liebert base/list pricing.

SDE ALJP Website:

Declaration of the Proposed Single Across-the-Board or Categorical Discounts: 28% Proposed Single Across-the-Board Discount

Instructions for LEA Group Members to make their purchasing decisions and a qualified purchase
The LEA member should contact their preferred approved ALJP reseller and ask for help to select the product solutions they need. After gathering this information, the reseller may or may not want to contact the local Emerson Network Power sales support office for additional help or consulting. In some cases, the product may be highly configurable, and assistance from the local sales office should be sought to prevent ordering errors.

The LEA member is also welcome to contact the local Emerson sales office directly for help or consulting prior to contacting an authorized reseller.

Once all product selections have been configured and finalized the LEA member should initiate the purchase with their approved ALPJ2016 Liebert reseller.

LEA Members Purchasing Decision Instructions
ALJP2016 Authorized Resellers

(All required documentation related to E-Rate will be the responsibility of the ALJP2016 Authorized Resellers)

For technical support and configuration assistance, please contact your local Emerson Network Power - Liebert Sales Contacts
Exclusive for Emerson Network Power - Liebert Product and Services
Joe Powell & Associates – Birmingham
Matt Fancher
Channel Accounts Manager
2070 Valleydale Road
Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 444-9191
Fax: (205) 444-9196

Shipping & Delivery Detail and Cost Information
Standard ground shipping and delivery will be implemented on all ALJP2016 orders unless otherwise requested. All shipping charges will be quoted and billed based on actual incurred freight charges.

Contract Activity Reports


Product Price List (November 5, 2013)
Product Price List (Februrary 20, 2013)
Product Price List (July 17, 2012)
Product Price List (Oct. 23, 2012)

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