Vertiv Intelligence Platform


Do more than just see what’s happening across the IT organization - take action and plan strategically.

Empower your organization with data-based insights on the operations of your infrastructure, wherever it may be. Access the knowledge of Vertiv gleaned from decades of data center projects to deliver real-time analysis that will simplify and streamline data center operations and planning.

Introducing the Vertiv Cloud and RDU Gateway

Connect critical infrastructure to the Vertiv cloud for secure monitoring on the go. Then, combine monitoring data with Vertiv Expertise for greater insight into data center operations.

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The Vertiv RDU300 Gateway

The Vertiv VGS gateway is a new IoT enabled device for connectivity to the Vertiv cloud. The gateway provides added security with simple installation and commissioning to streamline data center connectivity. It integrates with building management systems and ensures that any data passed to the Vertiv cloud from the customer site is done securely and using minimum bandwidth.

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See how to increase the intelligence of your critical Infrastructure in just a few short steps.

The Critical Intelligence platform app features:

Monitoring & Control Manage & Optimize Predict & Prevent

Move beyond monitoring.
Reveal health

and status without
the noise

Transform how you manage infrastructure.
Manage and control
your infrastructure anytime, anywhere

Discover problems before they happen.
Harness advanced
intelligence to predict and
prevent disruptions

Key Capabilities
  1. Receive Vertiv expert advice
  2. Proactively detect anomalies
  3. Controlled server shutdown
  4. Manage infrastructure lifecycle


  1. Schedule infrastructure activities
  2. Business continuity warnings
  3. Correlate disparate behaviors
  4. Integrate into IT systems
  5. Balance workloads
  6. Optimize resource utilization


  1. Predict maintenance cycles
  2. Prevent device failures
  3. Advance capacity alerts


Key Benefits
  1. Improve productivity, lower MTTR
  2. Reduce business disruptions
  3. Preserve business continuity
  4. Improve deployment times


  1. Decrease energy costs
  2. Defer capital investments
  3. Increase resource efficiency


  1. Save on maintenance costs
  2. Increase availability
  3. Minimize outages


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