Edge Computing

Providing maximum efficiency, reliability and availability from core to the edges of your network.

What is the Edge?

Edge computing is an IT deployment designed to put applications and data as close as possible to the users or “things” that need them. (THIS DEFINIITION IS FROM COMPETITOR, THIS IS PLACEHOLDER TEXT).

The criticality of edge computing is no doubt increasing. Vertiv provides a full breadth of solutions from core to the edges of the network, providing maximum efficiency, reliability and availability for your critical applications. 

  • Edge Applications for Telecom
  • Edge Applications for Retail
  • Edge Applications for Government
  • Edge Applications and Finance

Defining the Edge

Making your small and remote IT infrastructure quick to deploy, highly available and more productive. Add more text here about defining Edge so we have a lot of content.;

What's Your Edge

Your network edge is always evolving to wherever your customers are and whatever they need. Your challenge is keeping pace with that evolution. 

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