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Scalability as it relates to edge deployments can refer to standardizing products and growing across multiple locations or preparing a single location to be able to add equipment in the future. No matter how your customer defines it, here are some tips and ways we can help


Their Edge Challenges: Selling Tips: Solutions that can help:

Limited space forexpansion

Maximize usablespace by recommending racks that will fit as much equipment as they can fit.

VRRack – 42U, 45U and 48U

Recommend rack PDUsthat can handle more capacity than is needed today to allow for poweringadditional equipment in the future.

VertivGeist Monitored Rack PDU

VertivGeist Switched Rack PDU

Reduce footprint ofrack-mount equipment where possible to maximize room available for networkequipment.

Vertiv Liebert PSI51U & Mini Tower

Rapidly expandinglocations

Recommend productsthat have a reliable reputation and can be quickly shipped and installed.

VertivVR Rack

Vertiv Liebert GXT5, 500-3000VA

Vertiv Liebert GXT5, 3,000-10,000VA

VertivLiebert PSI5, 750-5,000VA UPS

Vertiv VertivGeist Monitored Rack PDU

VertivGeist Switched Rack PDU

Consider integratedsolutions to take some of the installation headache

Pre-integrated VR Racks

Look for productsthat reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), such as Lithium Ion UPS

Vertiv Liebert PSI5Lithium Ion

Scaling quicklywith limited on-site resources

Find a remotemonitoring & management solution that allows them to not only view databut set alarms and make changes while not physically being there.


Avocent Serial Console

Avocent IP KVM


Helpful Talking Points


Find a remote monitoring & management solution that allows them to not only view data but set alarms and make changes while not physically being there.



The amount of edge-of-network computing locations that will be required by 2025 to support data proliferation and application sprawl.

One in five respondents expect a


Increase in number of edge sites they will be supporting in the next 5 years.



Here are some ways your customers are planning for expected growth now:

  • Efficiently adding compute capacity in new locations
  • Choosing site locations strategically
  • Tailoring availability to service requirements
  • Mitigating higher energy consumption with economization
  • Ensuring infrastructure scalability while minimizing capex
  • Enabling remote management

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Offering a comprehensive list of critical infrastructure technologies to help keep your customer’s critical equipment running well into the future.

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