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Emerson Network Power Launches Innovative Indirect Evaporative Freecooling Solution: Liebert EFC

December 02, 2014

E​merson Network Power's new Evaporative Cooling Validation Area provides first-hand experience through pre-installation demonstration tests

SOUTHAMPTON, UK [2 December, 2014] – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximising availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, has today announced the launch of the Liebert® EFC in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA). The company has also today unveiled its new state-of-the-art Evaporative Cooling Validation Area within the Thermal Management Customer Experience Center located in Piove di Sacco (Padova, Italy).

Emerson Network Power's Liebert EFC solution uses a combination of indirect, evaporative freecooling –– with an air-to-air heat exchanger within a single unit. Through the water evaporation process, this technology is capable of achieving partial Power Usage Effectiveness (pPUE) levels of 1.03 and reducing CO2 emissions. The system ensures high levels of energy efficiency and as a result minimises operating costs.

These advanced performance levels can be observed across a wide spectrum of operating conditions in the Evaporative Cooling Validation Area. The test facility is able to simulate IT loads of up to 400 kW, with airflow parameters up to 100,000 m3 per hour, replicating typical peak conditions across the EMEA region, with an outstanding performance measurement accuracy within a +/- 5% maximum tolerance. This resource offers customers the opportunity to witness pre-installation demonstrations across a broad range of field conditions, and provides full transparency around the Liebert EFC performance parameters along with access to Emerson Network Power's team of industry specialists.

The patented control logic, uniquely available from Emerson Network Power, allows the Liebert EFC to optimize internal air volumes and temperatures in accordance with specific server requirements, exactly matching the servers' airflow needs. This ensures that no power is wasted in moving or cooling unrequired air. Additionally, the dedicated iCOM™ Control accurately analyses the most efficient balance between water and electricity which helps to further manage costs. The calculation is based on the needs of the data centre, and also accommodates fluctuations in water and electricity rates.

The Liebert EFC also has operating modes which are designed to perform in a range of different ambient conditions. The system is able to adapt according to both the external environment and the cooling required by the data center in the most efficient way. In addition, the unit keeps the physical separation between the indoor and outdoor environment at all times. This allows operations to continue without the risk of air contamination from variable external factors such as high levels of pollution or smoke.

This technology was developed within Emerson Network Power's dedicated Thermal Management business – further expanding and enhancing its current adiabatic portfolio that includes the recently launched Liebert® AFC solution. The team of experts used customer insights to deliver a best-in-class solution designed to meet the needs of businesses today, particularly mid-large and colocation facilities.

With a presence in over 150 countries, backed by the local service and support of over 3,200 certified professionals, Emerson Network Power is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive solutions and support to customers anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"The Liebert EFC and the Evaporative Cooling Validation Area are a vital addition to our Thermal Management portfolio, offering our customer full transparency on the solution coupled with substantial cost savings and a great quality product," said Kevin Brady, vice president Thermal Management, Emerson Network Power in EMEA. "By integrating our customers' feedback throughout the development process, we are continuing to ensure that our Thermal Management solutions really do meet their evolving business needs.

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