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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Solar Eclipse – The Setting Sun on Stable Power in Europe Means Increased Power Risk for IT Equipment

How do you cope?

Did you know that the majority of the power disruptions to IT equipment are actually caused by the quality issues of the power rather than actual power outages?

In fact in European countries the electrical grid is pretty stable. Still power outages and fluctuations occur causing system failures, especially as grids that were designed to work off one energy source move to consolidate power from multiple sources of fossil and renewable with differing stability and complexity.

IT Vulnerabilities

However, the bigger challenge these days is the pollution of the grid with heavy inductive loads causing the AC power to lose its perfect sine wave shape and frequency. This is a massive threat to sensitive IT equipment.

These trouble makers can be found in big electrical machines, in factories, but also elevators or wind turbines can potentially cause problems.

With double conversion UPS technology, your IT equipment can be protected against any power quality issues. By converting DC to AC power and back to DC it decouples your equipment from any power quality issue caused by the grid ensuring 99.9% up-time to your critical infrastructure.

Factor 50

Help your customers protect their IT equipment with Vertiv Liebert® double conversion UPS technology.


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