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Intelligent PDU – The new Norm in IT Infrastructure

Our world is moving every day to a more technology-oriented approach. Even the most basic processes like a shop payment or sending an email are based on cloud and data platforms, increasing the need for IT infrastructures that can operate the amount of data that is generated. As a result, enterprise and data center managers are constantly searching for ways to improve control in their server areas.

If your company’s activity, big or small, depends on the performance of your IT infrastructure, then you must be aware of the high importance of a functional, controllable collection of data processing hardware structures. And here is where Intelligent PDUs are game changers in the industry.

Smart PDU – more than a simplePower Distribution Unit

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a key piece in the structure of your SmartCabinet or data center, since without non-stop power availability for all the devices within your IT site, there’s not much to manage in your server area. That’s why, the need for durable, highly efficient and best performing PDUs has risen.  

But technology evolves, thus smart devices are all over the place and with the need to better monitor the processes, the most natural step in the IT infrastructure field was the creation of intelligent pieces of equipment, that can integrate those devices into a single dashboard. So, the Intelligent PDU was developed – an innovation in its space.

Since we use hardware for storing and processing data – why not use hardware that can itself generate and process data, for the improvement of efficiency, performance and availability?

But how smart could an Intelligent PDU be? And why?

With a single IP address for your entire power distribution system, embedded gateway and integrated software, the Intelligent PDU has premium smart software functions that allows your IT Infrastructure to operate at maximum efficiency, with minimum costs, while keeping it secure.

A smart PDU may look like a basic PDU, and of course, it will have the same main function of distributing the power to the connected devices, but the main difference is made by unique features of an intelligent power distribution unit.

See the 5 unique features on an Intelligent PDU

  1. 1.Availability
  • Monitoring and alarm management through one single device
  • Efficiency - not just energy efficiency, but optimization of IT resources as well
  • Capacity management
  1. 2.Plug and play
  • Ease of installation (the focus is on software, but let’s not forget the mechanical and electrical components)
  • Reduction of on-site or third-party assistance, no skilled person needed another major cost and time reduction
  • No separate server needed for the equipment
  • Data transfer reduction (elimination of unnecessary traffic)
  • You can connect it to any management software
  • Fits into small data centers – new sites, network edge facilities and micro data centers and IT infrastructure upgrades
  • Fits into large data centers – upgrade of existing sites and recovery of existing legacy investments
  • Small amount of time needed to install, configure and maintain the functioning of the device.
  1. 3.Security
    1. Highly secured gateway means everything is connected under a single IP, not routed by the internet (through an out-of-band connection)
    2. Optimized, seamless installation process
    3. Network security – even if the internet connection fails, the Out-Of-Band connection of the device will keep your IT infrastructure up and running, while you can monitor it every second.
    4. Alarm management (security and availability), protection against fire
  1. 4.Total Cost of Ownership
  • Recovering and making use of legacy equipment (including PDUs) à leveraging initial investment
  • Dismantling legacy products costs money
  • Single solution (monitoring, PDU, gateway - single IP) – reduced CapEx and OpEx
  • Installation cost savings – no experts needed, quick and easy
  1. 5.Visibility
    1. Monitoring, smart software capabilities
    2. Visibility of

I. Trends (data)

II.Alarm monitoring

III. Logic control function à immediate insight and automatic actions i.e.

  1. Sends alarm to other software
  2. Starts / stops additional fan
  3. Opens the door
  4. Switches off non-important loads if you need to improve the energy usage of others
  5. Smart software capability

IV. User friendly interface

V. Virtual device, on server side / on rack row > complete energy consumption monitoring and optimization

VI. Consolidated management eliminates need for physical power meters

Designed for fast, easy installation, with the reduction of time and costs in mind, Intelligent PDUs will allow you to boost the performance and efficiency of your hardware network, and monitor every important metric.

And even more importantly, this new product will allow you to take significant steps towards implementing the New Data Center Standard DIN EN 50600, whether you are planning this for an edge, micro data center or a large, central data center.


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