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Operation Transformation - The IT that Helps Keep Hospital Superbugs at Bay

With the onslaught of hospital superbugs, keeping hospitals with multiple operating theatres medicinally hygienic is a constant battle. This challenge is confounded by the need for state of the art IT diagnostic equipment within these theatres.

Hobsons Choice
Doctors need access to critical medical data within operating theatres – and often visually, in high quality resolution for making evaluations during an operation.

Custom medical software applications running on proprietary hardware in operating rooms present hospital IT managers challenges due to the significant risk for accidental damage to equipment and reduced theatre hygiene from PC fans and supporting UPS systems.

The GOMER* Principle
With the need for high resolution and low latency, traditional KVM extender systems are inadequate to overcome these two challenges. By using an Advanced Video KVM Solution, this allows the physical hardware and supporting UPS system to be located outside the operating theatre while allowing the medical professional the high speed and resolution they need.

Not Brain Surgery
Hospitals, medical professionals and patients all benefit from a hygienic environment and the mitigated risk of damage to expensive, critical equipment.

The prescription for VAR’s
With circa 500 hospitals in the UK alone comprising over 10,000 operating theatres there is significant opportunity to prescribe Vertiv Avocent® Advanced Video KVM Solutions to this vertical.

* ”Get out of my emergency room”. Made popular by the 1978 satirical novel, The House of God

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